Statement vom Coffeeshop Bulldog, Amsterdam

Ich habe mal den Coffeeshop Bulldog nach ihrer Meinung zum Wietpas befragt.

Das haben sie mir zugemailt:

Dear Stefan,

We would like to inform you that Coffeeshops are open, restrictions will be placed for visitors (non registered Dutch citizens) in the 3 Southern provinces on May 1st. The rest of the Netherlands including Amsterdam is scheduled to adapt to the same restrictions at the start of 2013.

There are still no solid guarantees that the weed-pass will ever be introduced in Amsterdam or other cities. This due to the opposition of local city councils to the proposed system of the government. Some of the border towns might introduce the “weed pass” to combat drug tourism causing disturbance of the peace.

The new law is constantly debated in court & parliament, even now the current government has fallen and a new government will take office after the summer.

ps: We are proud to be serving you for 36 years and will continue do so always, as we are THE BULLDOG, The Name With a Heart


R. Maigret

Ob das jetzt Realismus oder Optimismus ist, wird die Zeit zeigen…